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Public Commercial Law / Planning Law


Real estate companies
Project developers
Idustry and commerce
Waste management industry
Local authorities
Public-law entities
Public sector enterprises

Focus of advice

Public building law and planning law

  • Land-use plan procedures
  • Urban development contracts
  • Development and designated redevelopment areas, including prevention agreements
  • Building permit procedures
  • Review of building supervisory law requirements
  • Neighbourhood agreements
  • Plan approval procedures, especially for transport projects
  • Expropriation and compensation
  • Public participation issues
  • Expropriation and compensation
  • Project development

Environmental law including european community law

  • Waste law
  • Chemical law
  • Harzardous substances law
  • Law of public streets and roads
  • Pollution control law
  • Nature protection law regulations against encroachment, environmental impact assessments
  • Laws pertaining to water and waterways
  • Wastewater law
  • Soil protection law

Historic monument protection law
Administrative procedural law
Law on administrative procedures
Due Diligence
Cooperation models, public private partnerships (PPP)