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Corporate / M&A / Finance

Medium-sized enterprises
Listed companies
Family owned enterprises
Equity funds
Project companies
Public-sector enterprises
Managing directors, executive board members and supervisory board members

Focus of advice
Corporations and partnerships
Associations, foundations and cooperatives
Accounting and tax laws and regulations
Business transformations
Banking and Finance regulations
Loans, collateral and other security interests
Commercial law
Employment law
Transactional advice and services on

  • M&A transactions
  • Privatisations and transactions of enterprises in regulated industries
  • Joint ventures and consortium agreements
  • Acquisition finance and other finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Real estate transactions (share deals/asset deals))

Legal due diligence
Advice on shareholders’ meetings of listed corporations
Advice on corporate successions
Corporate and shareholder dispute resolution including minority shareholder compensation claims (aktienrechtliches Spruchstellenverfahren)
Advice to and litigation on behalf of insolvency administrators